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Outsourcing - An America/Lithuania Community
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Outsourcing - a community for fans of the America/Lithuania pairing from Axis Powers Hetalia
Welcome to Outsourcing, the livejournal community devoted to the relationship between America and Lithuania from Hidekaz Himaruya's webcomic (and anime) Axis Powers Hetalia. Before you post, check over the information here; we don't have too many rules, but we do have a few guidelines in place to make navigating and using this community easier for everyone.
what to post
✪ Fanfic, fanart, icons, graphics, cosplay, doujinshi, crafts, vids, baked goods, etc. -- as long as it features America and Lithuania's relationship, you're good.

✪ Fanworks about all aspects of America and Lithuania's relationship. While this is primarily a shipping community, fanworks centered around America and Lithuania's friendship are also perfectly fine.

✪ Discussion of America/Lithuania-related episodes or strips, history, and news items.

✪ America/Lithuania recs.
what not to post
✪ Work that isn't your own. You can link to it (though if you're linking to Japanese fanart or videos, we ask that you respect the original creators' policies about linking to or redistributing their work), but don't repost it, and definitely don't try to claim it as yours.

✪ Fanworks where America/Lithuania is a background pairing, or fanworks where America and Lithuania's relationship isn't (one of) the central focus(es). Threesomes/moresomes are okay to post, as are fanworks featuring America/Lithuania and another pairing -- America/Lithuania/Russia is kosher, for example, and a fanwork with both America/Lithuania and Lithuania/Poland would be, too, but an America/England fanwork that alludes to America and Lithuania's friendship here and there wouldn't be. (If you're not sure whether or not your fanwork's appropriate to the community's focus, PM us and ask.)

✪ Ads for other communities. If, however, you think your community's content is relevant to our interests, PM one of Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderators, and we'll see if we can work something out.
how to post
✪ If it's fanfic, put it behind a cut. If it's an image larger than 300x300 pixels, put it behind a cut. If it's icons, show us three and put the rest outside a cut. When in doubt, put it behind a cut. Not sure how to make an LJ-cut? Check this out.
You can substitute a link to the fanwork in place of an LJ-cut, if you so choose.

✪ When posting your fanworks*, use this labeling format
* Fanart doesn't require a title or a summary.
You don't need to stick to the order specified above, but all this information should be present in the header somewhere.

✪ Fanworks featuring explicit sexual or violent content do not have to be locked, but they should be tagged with mature: sex or mature: violence as appropriate. If you fail to warn for or cut explicit or triggering content, the mods will be very sad and will delete your post.

✪ Lock all downloads. This includes doujinshi. We will assume that America/Lithuania doujinshi actually exists. sigh.

✪ Tag your posts. There's a list of tags we've already worked up for your use; we'll add more as needed, and if you think we need new ones, PM us and tell us what we're missing.

✪ Play nice. Don't troll or flame, and don't bait any trolls that might pop up. Treat your fellow community members with respect, and check any -isms at the door, lest you call down the wrath of the mods. Keep posts on-topic. Don't spam the community. If you have issues with either the community or with specific members of it, PM the mods and we'll see what we can do.
your friendly neighborhood modsquad
puella_nerdii (President-for-Life)
mithrigil (Lady Protector)
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